The Executive

President: Chris Harris BA, ACP

Chris Harris grew up in Shoe Cove, just north of St. John's. After completing high school, he attended MUN and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1997, with a major in English. After university, Chris worked at a local insurance company in St. John's for about five years. He decided during that time that he wanted to become a paramedic. In 2003, Chris graduated from a PCP program from Programs in Paramedicine through the Health Care Corporation of St. John's (HCCSJ). He worked for about two-and-a-half months at Moore's Ambulance service before accepting a position with HCCSJ in St. John's. While there, Chris held a temporary six month position as clinical educator for the program in 2006 and then returned to ground ambulance operations. During that time, he also volunteered with St. John Ambulance Brigade #321 for eight years. In 2008-2009, Chris completed his Advanced Care Paramedic course from Holland College in PEI and returned to work at Eastern Health where he has been for the last six years. His twelve years in EMS have been interesting and extremely rewarding. His passion for paramedicine has been realized through his work and through a number of other activities, many of which are paramedicine related. Chris is the founding president of PANL and has served in this role for ten years. His belief is that we can achieve great things in provincial EMS, through continued cooperation, a little hard work and the want to make things better for our patients and our profession.

Treasurer - Secretary: Mark Jenkins BA, ACP

Mark Jenkins completed his Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University prior to his career in EMS. His father was an EMR 2 and his mother was a Paramedic Level 1. Paramedicine has always played a role in his life. Mark has been working in the EMS system since 2005, when he first became an EMR 2 working with North Shore Ambulance Service. Mark went on to become a Primary Care Paramedic in 2006, and then he worked for several months with North Shore before taking an industrial paramedic job with Medic North in the North West Territories. His goal was always to work in NL and he got that chance when he accepted a job with Eastern Health in St. John's in the fall of 2006. Mark completed his Advanced Care Paramedic program through Holland College by distance education while he was working and has been a registered ACP with Eastern Health for four years. Over the course of his nine years working EMS in NL Mark has had the pleasure of working with and mentoring some great paramedics. Mark's love of learning and teaching is what keeps him interested in Paramedicine and he has taken a particular interest in the mental health of first responders. He has completed several courses and continues to learn what he can to help his fellow EMS workers. Mark believes that we have a very unique and challenging EMS system in NL, and he continues to work hard on behalf of all EMS workers in NL to try and achieve a great system that we can all be proud to work in.

Support Team

Webmaster / IT Support - Conrad Tulk ACP, RRT(ON)
Social Media - Ian Howard CCP, MFS